Warriors news: The famous mouth supports Curry

Warriors star Stephen Curry and former NBA player Arenas said in a talk show that he is the best point guard in history. For a while, Curry’s words caused an uproar from the outside world. Today, the well-known American basketball commentator A-Smith supported Curry in a program called “First Take” on espn. A-Smith said: “Curry is the greatest shooter in history. The ball is top-notch, he changed the definition of a point guard. Also, you look off the court, how many people are copying the way Curry plays, he has more impact on the NBA game than Magic, I think he really Deserving of the best point guard of all time.”
Regarding A-Smith’s remarks, fans discussed a lot. Some people said: “It’s simply putting the cart before the horse. Not to mention that Curry’s big honor is far less than that of the Magician. As far as point guards are concerned, Curry’s organization and field control They are far better than many magicians, how could they rank first.” Some people said: “Curry pushed the NBA into the small ball era, and greatly improved the popularity and spread of nba in the world. Regardless of Judging from the NBA’s on-court and off-court contributions, it is understandable that Curry ranks first. What’s more, there is nothing wrong with the self-confidence of a player of this level.” So what do you think of this?

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