NBA Kobe Bryant’s 41% shooting rate, why can he win 5 championships?

Kobe’s shooting percentage is low for the following two reasons,

First, in the early years of NBA games, the defense intensity was high, and there were many ground battles. The outside shooting rate was generally not high, let alone the far ones. It is meaningless to talk about shooting percentage, Jordan is an exception, but that is Jordan after all;

Second, after Kobe became the outside core of the Lakers, he has been digesting a lot of offensive shots in NBA games. His teammates dare not shoot. I shoot. I will play the strongest defender on the opponent. It is not popular to call pick-and-roll roll call, which is different from the idea that many people pay too much attention to the so-called “efficiency”. You may think that playing like this is inefficient, but at least in the first decade of the 21st century, this is the philosophy of most stars.

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