Are NBA jerseys new every game?

NBA jerseys have rep, sw, au, gi, gu from low to high grades.
rep is the offset version, that is, the number, name, etc. are printed on it. SW is the embroidered fan version, Au is the player version jersey, Gi is the spare jersey for the game, which refers to the jersey that has been hung in the team locker room, and GU is the jersey used in the game, that is, the jersey worn by the player in the game.
Generally speaking, the production cost of GU, which is the cost of jerseys worn by NBA players, involves some high-intensity physical confrontation, so in order to enhance durability, the cost of a jersey is very high. The production cost is about At around US$500, if NBA players change one set for each game, it will cost about US$41,000 on jerseys after a season does not include the playoffs.

And due to the intensity of the game, more than two sets of jerseys for NBA players are generally prepared to prevent the jersey from being damaged and unusable due to force majeure during the game, and the average player will replace himself soaked in sweat during halftime. So if every game is a new jersey, the entire season will cost at least 820 million US dollars, and if your team unfortunately enters the playoffs or even the finals, your cost may reach 100,000 US dollars And that’s not even counting the cleaning costs of some of the jerseys.

One hundred thousand dollars is not a small amount for a player, so NBA jerseys are generally used for a long time depending on the player’s own situation. After all, the jerseys of some superstar-level NBA players are very valuable, but if they are sold frequently Naturally, it will reduce its value, so even superstar players generally don’t auction off their jerseys every game, not for a small profit. Therefore, generally jerseys will be recycled for more than 5 games, or even longer. These all depend on the player’s own situation. After all, the extra cost of the jersey needs to be paid by the player himself.

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