Reveal the evolution and evolution of the NBA’s strongest killer moves

If there is one thing that separates NBA superstars from other professional basketball players, it is their ability to create their own scoring. This group of top stars has the ability to exploit even the tightest spaces and the most subtle openings, and their scoring methods often make defenses despair.

Among them, there are no more than three kinds that frustrate defenders the most, all of which do not require assists and are invincible when the ball is in the right hands-step back, singles dunk, and long-range three-pointer. When top stars want to score, they often rely on these three tricks, and the opponent has nothing to do. In a way, they are the perfect representation of modern basketball. They also have deep roots in basketball history.

The first trick: step back

Let’s start with the signature moves of the league’s three-time scoring champion. James Harden has been using his incredible ability to create three-pointers since many years ago. He looks for picks with never-ending dribbles, swings his body, and creates threats off the dribble. Once he finds a defender the wrong distance to even a hair, he leans back, collects the ball, and fires. Over the past six seasons, Harden has attempted a total of 1,988 step-back threes. No other player in the league can surpass 800 goals.

The second move: no assist dunk

Although the history of the NBA in the past ten years is the history of the three-point revolution, the basket can still determine the outcome. Most of the most important superstars can still create scoring opportunities in the paint and show their strength, size and speed with dunks.

The three-pointer reshaped the look and feel of professional basketball, but someone’s ability to drive the ball straight to the rim became a luxury in a tense postseason.

The third trick: super long three-pointer with the ball

Like the step-back 3-pointer, the ultra-long pull-up 3-pointer is one of the fastest-growing shots in the NBA. The habitual position of today’s best shooters would have been considered insane ten years ago.But now many people worship wholesale jerseys.

Curry made such shots the norm, but some of his predecessors were just as good at it. Case in point: Gilbert Arenas, possibly the most daring jump shooter of his era, showed the world that shooting from 30 feet wasn’t impossible. Arenas has made many buzzer-beaters in his career that seem to come from outer space.

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