Anthony is retired after all, but his jersey is hard to be retired by the team

On May 25th, a generation of NBA superstar Anthony finally retired. Anthony has been expecting to come back this NBA season, but no NBA team is willing to ask for Anthony. In the end, Anthony can only choose to retire sadly when the NBA season is coming to an end. It’s a pity, but it makes sense.

In this regard, James is the only one left in the 03 platinum generation to fight in the NBA. However, for Anthony, although he has retired and he is also a generation of NBA superstars, it is difficult for Anthony’s NBA jersey to have teams willing to retire for him. This is also Anthony’s regret.
In Anthony’s 20-year NBA career, he has played for a total of 6 teams. Among them, the Nuggets have played the longest (8 years), followed by the Knicks (7 years). Late-career NBA teams such as the Lakers, Rockets, and Trail Blazers are even more difficult to retire NBA jerseys for Anthony.

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